Stopin by to say tyvm

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Stopin by to say tyvm

Post by wtfy »

Hellos Anduril,
I know I was only a rookie to this group and in general to the exp of many here, but as I hear that support for xbox is ending I wanted to stop in sooner rather than later and say Thank you to all for allowing me to join this great group and most of all for all of the help from everyone along the way. I had a blast running with you all and am grateful that I had the chance to. I was just about to re-activate my accounts when I heard the news of xbox n ps support being dropped. I may still come back for awhile if I get this new position at work(third promotion in < a yr^^) but that's in the air yet. I guess I could go on as I really did enjoy my time with Anduril, but blah at all that sappy crap. To those who helped me a lot, and even a little with a simple craft or w/e, you know who you are and I thank you very much :D

I am curious if Anduril has plans to move to another game such as FF14? or ??

Anywho, take care everyone and see you around hopefully somewhere someday ;)


P.S. As I'm saying kinda gbye n thanks, it just wouldn't be right if I left without saying...Krazy, your still a dick, but good game man, taker easy asshat ;)

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Re: Stopin by to say tyvm

Post by Sahearniitth »

Hey Wtfy,
Glad to hear you doing well IRL. ATM we haven't really considered an organized move to a different game (and I am not sure we will), but a lot of old Anduril people are playing FFXIV and some of their info can be gleaned from the FFXIV thread. As for the discontinuation of Xbox/PS services they only affect a small number of people in Anduril (Freshy might even be the only one currently affected) and by the time that happens FFXI will have ceased major updates (last major update will be in Nov) so I doubt the game will continue to exist at the level it does right now so its really a non issue IMO.

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